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USDA Certified Organic Or FDA Compliant?

Many times we have seen the words FDA Compliant on many products offered on the internet and on Amazon Marketplace. We have tried to inform many of our customers on the difference. After many hours of reseach, we have found that anyone can claimed to be FDA compliant on face paint and make up simply because, the FDA allows certain types of dyes to be used in make up and face paint as long as the product limits the use around the nose, mouth and eyes. Since, these are direct paths to the nervous system. These dyes are more commonly found to have lead in them.

All doctors have agreed that introducing lead to young children will cause developement delays and should not be in children's products.

That's why you should alway look for a certified organic seal on products. To determine if they are indeed organic. Look for the seal below and dont fall for the FDA compliant statement on products.

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