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Vegan, Hypoallergenic, Lead Free

Water-based Face Paint

Are you a fan of classic favorites? Our water-based face paint will have you on the train to colortown in a matter of minutes. A favorite among many of our customers, not to mention a staff favorite. Purchase this water-based face paint today, before they’re all gone! Colors so vibrant  your kids will thank you.

primary palette.jpg

Primary Palette

Black, white, red, yellow, green, and blue

Our very best vegan water-based face paint kit, Hypolergenic, Lead free in a simple plastic palette for ease of travel

monster palette.jpg

Monster Palette

Black, brown, green,  red, orange, and white

Are you a fan of monster madness colors, this is our palette of monster colors with a new spin, we have added an extra color and made them water-base.

Princess Pallete.jpg

Princess Palette

White, black, pink, gold, purple and royal blue

All of our princess colors and an extra we have added black to this kit for outlines of all those crowns and butterflyies you will be paintin.

16-color water-based.jpg

Party Palette

Red, organge, yellow, white, pink, gold, pink, royal blue, green, black, light blue, purple, brown, aqua, dark green, and silver

Our biggest offer ever in a water-based pallete kit. For the biggest parties and events, dries completely fun for everyone.

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